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200mm Wide anti slip matting (per meter)


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MPN: 81000092

This non-slip mat quickly offers a secure grip for objects.
It has an extremely strong anti-slip effect with low material thickness.
This allows it to form perfectly to the surface and ensures adhesion on both sides without bonding.

Base material: PES/ glass fibre fabric
Coating material: PVC foam
Grammage [kg/m²]: 0.359 kg
max. surface load [N/cm²]: 0.2 N
Sliding friction coefficient (VDI 2700 / page 14 / point 4 and DIN EN 14882 / 8.1 and 8.3) > 1.6 µ
Temperature resistance: approx. -25°C to +60°C
The material compound used makes our non-slip mat extremely stable and tear-resistant, despite its low material thickness.

WARNING: No adhesion or non-slip effect when wet!