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Systainer Boxes

The Established Case System 

The systainer® is an established case system that has been sold to more than 26 million clients worldwide and used by millions of people. Your company can also benefit thanks to the individual packaging solutions available in the systainer® product range.

The range allows individual systainer® boxes to be stacked systematically on top of one another and to be locked together using the innovative locking feature. This feature also enables any box in the stack to be accessed whilst still being locked together. This gives you a linked systainer® tower which is arranged in order to save you valuable space and time.

Systainer³ M

The Systainer³ M which has the basic dimensions 396 mm x 296 mm is available in six different heights.

Thanks to the variety of bottom and lid inserts, and accessories, the Systainer³ can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Due to its standardized basic dimensions, the Systainer³ M is optimally suited for every standard vehicle equipment. 

Of course, it can also be connected both with the systainer® T-Loc and with the systainer® Classic-Line.

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Systainer³ L

The Systainer³ L which has the basic dimensions 508 mm x 296 mm is available in three different heights.

The Systainer³ L is 112 mm wider than the Systainer³ M, thus offering more space inside.

With its standard dimensions, the Systainer³ L fits perfectly into Van Rcking system to allow for maximum mobility.

Thanks to the proven T-Loc control element, the Systainer³ L can, of course, be completely combined with all sizes of the Systainer³ and with systainer® T-Loc.

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Systainer³ XXL

The Systainer³ XXL which has the basic dimensions 792 mm x 296 mm is available in two different heights.

With basic dimensions of 792 mm wide and 296 mm deep, the Systainer³ XXL offers plenty of storage space. The XXL is available in two heights: 237 and 337 mm – which offer a capacity of 42.3 and 64.2 litres respectively.

With a maximum load of 40 kg, even heavier products can be packed safely and easily into the Systainer³ XXL

Of course, Systainer³ XXL can be combined with Systainer³ M and it can be used with the Systainer³ Cart "SYS-RB" roller board.

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Systainer® T-Loc

The form and functionality of the systainer® T-Loc the Original Loc/Open/Connect system make it ideal for a wide variety of uses.

With the basic dimensions of 396 mm x 296 mm, it is available in five different heights for maximum flexibility.

By linking the individual systainer® units, they become one unit for optimum handling, and transportation.

And of course, is fully compatible with the Systainer³ generation as well as the original systainer® Classic-Line, assuring you of future integration within the Systainer system.

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Systainer Organiser

The Organizer is available both in two dimensions 396 x 296 mm and 508 x 296 mm.

Here, every small part has its own place so that everything is clearly arranged. The Organiser offers maximumflexibilityfor arranging, rearranging or completely reorganizing with the removable insert boxes.

Dimples in the bottom and in the lid secure the insert boxes, ensuring that everything stays in place and that nothing slides.

The transparent lid allows you to see what’s in the Organiser even when it is closed – that is convenient andsaves time!

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Systainer³ Caddy Box

Everything is ready to hand in the Systainer³ Caddy Box!

The convertible version of the Systainer³ system with plenty of storage capacity for tools, working equipment and accessories.

Thanks to the movable carrying handle and the Systainer³ closing catch, it can be linked with just one flick of the wrist.

It can also be connected to all Systainer³ and systainer® T-Loc, and can be integrated into the Van Racking system, which makes the Caddy Box the perfect companion at work.

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Why Buy?

  •  Light-weight.
  •  Simple handling.
  •  Quality 100% ABS* polymer.
  •  Exchangeability.
  •  Brilliant time saving functionality.
  •  Flexible and variable storage possibilities.
  •  Fully compatible with other systainer® case ranges.
  •  Tailored to you. Custom colours tailored to your companies branding available.