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Van Racking


Why Buy?

No drilling, no holes. A light weight system that is easy to install or remove. Secure your cargo and organise your equipment in a more professional way. Crash tested, the system demonstrated high stability due to the extremely durable components. Thanks to the simple combination, the module principle offers you endless and effective possibilities.

 Simple: Fast and easy installation and removal

 Light-Weight: Allows for increases load capacity & lower fuel consumtion.

 High Stability: Ridged aluminium construction.

 Flexible: Adaptable design to fit any new vehicle upgrade or special cargo

 High Durability: Can be used for several generations of vehicles

 Saves Time & Money: Increases vehicle organisation.

 Flexible: Variable storage possibilities, and combinations.

 Safety: DERKA certified crash test

 Total System: Compatible with the Systainer³ boxes for a complete solution.



Protect the Environment

Reduced vehicle weight not only helps to lower fuel costs. Reduced weight also means lower COemissions, helping protect the environment.




Small   -   Medium   -   Large.

All self-assembly racking kits come ready to fit. We provide adaptable van racking for all vehicle types. The kits are divided into three categories depending on your vehicle size. Please find your vehicle model in the chart on each listing

* Please note not all vehicle models are listed. Please select the closest vehicle to your model size.