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MAXI L Kit One Shelf van racking kit

£1,560.00 Regular price £2,043.09
Type: Van Racking

Complete Kit Ready to Fit

Available in two shelf depths of either 310mm or 410mm
1 x 1260mm long by 310mm or 410mm deep shelf (for the bulkhead)
1 x 2070mm long by 310mm or 410mm deep shelf (for the side)
Each shelf has a high back lip with a low front lip.
The 'L' profile shelves are primarily suited for the storing of systainer and other cases.
The 310mm deep shelves are ideal for the systainer's and other containers with a maximum 300mm depth.
While the 410mm are suitable for larger containers with a maximum 400mm depth.
Made in Germany from 100% anodised aluminium.
Fits vans with a cargo height up to 2280mm, and length of 2070mm minimum.

These are the measurements inside the cargo area from floor to ceiling, and bulkhead to rear doors.

Kit Contents:
3 - aluminium struts with ceiling quick release telescopic adaptors, and floor plug adaptors.

(Note: We will machine your poles to suit your vehicle height, by contacting you direct once you have placed your order.)
3 - Velcro self-adhesive fleece (for ceiling)
3 - Velcro mats with adaptor cones (f
or the ceiling)
3 - Aluminium two part floor adaptor - includes floor fixings

1 - traverse bar 1260mm with end caps.
1 - 'L' profile shelf 1260mm long by 310mm or 410mm deep
1 - traverse bar 2070mm with end caps.
1 - 'L' profile shelf 2070mm long by 310mm or 410mm deep
6 - triangular shelf support brackets with screws.
4 - pole adaptor brackets with screws.
4 - divider/end plates with screws.
1 - Tool kit (five-parts).

Approx Weight:
310mm deep kit 34.1kg
410mm deep kit 36.5kg

Maximum load capacity:
120 kg (without brace support)

150 kg (with brace support)
50 kg per shelf

NOTE: If the vehicle has a ceiling lining, this must be removed before assembling.

How to Install - Van Racking