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MINI L KIT One Shelf van racking kit

£1,440.00 Regular price £1,906.30
Type: Van Racking

Complete Kit Ready to Fit

Available in two shelf depths of either 310mm or 410mm, the L profile shelves have a high back lip with a low front lip.
The 310mm deep shelves are ideal for the systainer's and other containers with a maximum 300mm depth.
While the 410mm are suitable for larger containers with a maximum 400mm depth.
Made in Germany from 100% anodised aluminium.
Fits vans with a cargo height of 300- 1479mm, with a cargo length of 1260mm minimum, 
and cargo width of 1260mm minimum
These are the measurements inside the cargo area from floor to ceiling, and bulkhead to rear doors.

Kit Contents:
3 - aluminium struts with ceiling quick release telescopic adaptors, and floor plug adaptors.

(Note: We will machine your poles to suit your vehicle height, by contacting you direct once you have placed your order.)
3 - Velcro self-adhesive fleece (for ceiling)
3 - Velcro mats with adaptor cones (for the ceiling)
3 - Aluminium two part floor adaptor - includes floor fixings
2 - traverse bars 1260mm with end caps.
2 - 'L' profile shelves 1260mm long by 310mm or 410mm deep
6 - triangular shelf support brackets with screws.
4 - pole adaptor brackets with screws.
4 - divider/end plates with screws.
1 - Tool kit (five-parts).

Approx Weight:

310mm deep kit 31.8kg
410mm deep kit 36.7kg

Maximum load capacity:
120 kg (without brace support)

150 kg (with brace support)
50 kg per shelf

NOTE: If the vehicle has a ceiling lining, this must be removed before assembling.

How to Install - Van Racking