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Shadow Foams Sortainer / Combi Drawer Foam Insert - 30mm

Type: Inserts

In the Tanos Sortainer, everything has its place… But what if we could level it up? That’s where we come in. With a Shadow Foam Insert, you can upgrade your Tanos Sortainer and get it organised to a whole new level. Tanos Systainer Inserts provide that protection and perfect placement for your tools, power tools and other items!

This Shadow Foam fits the following Tanos tool cases:

  • Tanos Sortainer SYS4 TL-Sort/3
  • Tanos T-Loc Combi 2
  • Tanos T-Loc Combi 3

All Shadow Foam Inserts are made from Shadow Foam, so organising your tools is as simple as: cut and peel.

  • UV Resistance ensure the colours stay vibrant
  • Made from 100% polyethylene foam, making off-cuts recyclable (where available)
  • HCFC Free and odourless means no strong chemical or solvent smells
  • Protect items from impact whilst keeping them organised
  • Resistance to water and common chemicals
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess (oil, grease etc.)

Our latest Tanos Systainer Inserts give customers the ability to ensure their tools, power tools and other items stay safe, tidy and super easy to find.