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Telescopic Support Struts


The Support Struts are available in four different height variations.

Two poles are requires for a standard shelf run, and three poles are used on a "L" shape configuration.

Each pole is telescopic and therefore is adjustable within those heights.

You need to measure the height from the vehicles floor to ceiling to decide your requirements.

The Support Struts are fixed in the vehicle with their Velcro mats. The Velcro mats are attached via the self-adhesive fleece, which is glued to the floor and roof of the vehicle. The shelves can then be attached to the struts. A shelf unit needs a minimum of two struts. Separate struts can also used without the shelf units for load securing.

If you are unsure or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


NOTE: We offer a bespoke service and can manufacture the struts to suit you vehicle.